Frequently Asked Questions

Our park is coming to life via crowd funding, donor/sponsor dollars and small business loans to be repaid through gate receipts, facility rents and event management /media production contracts.

The Park will be owned by the Phoenix Event Alliance, a 501(c)(3) non-profit Virginia corporation. The PEA has initiated a crowd funding campaign on Classy. The purpose of this funding campaign is to raise the money to purchase one of these locations and start the permitting process

The exact property has not been selected at this time. There are several locations in Spotsylvania County currently under consideration.   Once purchased, the location will be made public and work will commence.

Yes, the pavilions, theaters, festival village, fields, equestrian center and all outdoor wedding venues will be available for public and corporate rental as long as the renting group coordinates with the Phoenix Event Alliance event planners and food service. The Campgrounds will be available for participant use primarily but can be rented out for group camping such as scout and church groups or family reunions.

Some of the activities should be available within the first 6 months after taking possession of a property.   The overall development will take at least 5 years.