Dear Friends of Common Ground,

With our most heartfelt wishes for a holiday filled with quiet happiness, raucous laughter and most of all, love,

I wanted to take just a quick break from the holiday whirlwind of activity to personally thank you all for your unflagging support of Common Ground.  The Phoenix Event Alliance team continues to drive toward making the dream a reality every single day.  We have many of the pieces lined up and ready to go, go, go.  We just need the ground and we’ll be off and running with things to do on site right away.  There are some exciting things in the works on that front but we’re still far short of the funds we need for the purchase or even the down payment.  We’re still taking tax deductible donations by check or PayPal on our Be a Supporter page. If you find yourself with a few dollars to spare before the end of 2018, please consider sending it our way.

The Phoenix Event Alliance

Cornelia Miller Rutherford

Bill Griffith

Vilma Gil

Tom Thompson

Bonnie Williams

Carson Sams

Emily Whittacre

Jason Miller

Courtny Denby